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For those of you would like a hobby knife handle with your order we have them in stock! By popular request, the  green  GLUE LOOPER®  handle. Made in the USA. Soft green rubber handle with very easy to use tension clamp. Comes with a protective front cap. Priced at $6.00 free combined shipping with a v2 in the USA. (International shipping available for an additional dollar.)  NEW  Now with printed logo

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Add a v3  THICK LOOPER to your v2 order and your v3 rides for free!

The new GLUE LOOPER® v2 features include:

  • Now made of stainless steel

  • Twice the metal thickness of v1 Looper

  • The addition of a 'fluid-groove'. The fluid-groove helps over dipping and we have found it self regulates the accumulated fluid in the loop head. Multiple applications without re-dipping may now be achieved. (It works like a quill pen)

  • Redesigned 'folding ears' for added thickness in a hobby knife handle. (Total folded thickness is now the same as a standard hobby blade.) These newly added 'ears' can also be used flat to extend the length of reach

  • Tightly cornered, pinched areas of the design have now been removed


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Here is a list of glues we tested so far with the v3THE THICK LOOPER™:

Testors cement for plastic models #3501                                    Pacer Formula 560 Canopy Glue
Mercury Adhesives M1100G Thick CA (cyanoacrylate)            Bob Smith 30 min. Slow Cure Epoxy
ZAP SLO-ZAP Thick CA (cyanoacrylate)       TITEBOND 2 Wood Glue Any "Elmer's" type white glue

Micro eddy currents combined
with capillary action 'charge'
the tool head with glue.
This Looper was designed to be
dragged to produce fine lines
THICK glues.

Our shipping policy:  We ship any USA order, ANY size for $3.00  We ship most international packages at $7.50 ($8.50 with a handle)

One of the reasons THE GLUE LOOPER® works so well is the flat surface area of the loop. The liquid actually makes contact with the surface of the part first.

We have changed the small folding ‘ears’ that add thickness in your hobby knife handle.  This is much easier to work with.

THE GLUE LOOPER®  is a Registered Trademark
U.S. Patent No. 9,314,094 + D754,790 and Patents Pending
Designed and made in the
USA by a Professional Artist for Artists

New - 1 ounce bottles!
By poplar request, we have super-sized our glue bottles!

Not all CA glues are created or perform the same…
Mercury M5T  (Thin, for the v2)  provides the highest quality scientifically engineered adhesive solutions that are made in the USA. M5T works incredibly well in our  GLUE LOOPER® v2  product. It has great work-time in the loop without drying, viscosity is very low and the flow is very high. Adhesion is unmatched. Also, Mercury has scientifically engineered their bottle nozzles and tops with a pin built right into the cap to prevent clogging.

M1100G works great with our v3 THICK LOOPER™. M1100G is a THICK gap filling viscosity that bonds to a wide variety of materials including wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, etc. Bond times vary according to the substrates being bonded but are generally faster than normal super glues.

Fresh glue is highly recommended. For sale here with free combined shipping or sold with stand-alone shipping as well.
(USA sales only on glue, bottle size is 1oz priced at $5.00)

THE GLUE LOOPER®    HANDLE  International combined shipping

June 6, 2016

Changing the standard again…

When we go to model shows we are constantly asked, "When are you going to come out with a Looper for Thick glues?"

It's available now… It's called THE THICK LOOPER™ v3.
Funded on
Kickstarter, the worlds only patented self-regulating micro fluid applicator for THICK glues.
THE THICK LOOPER™ works like a quill pen. Using a proprietary loading technique, it draws a .015" line of glue placing it where you want it to go.

We changed the way things get glued together with the introduction of original GLUE LOOPER®(v1) in 2013.
We're changing the standard again…

January 13, 2014

Time to Evolve…

The original GLUE LOOPER® was released April 2013 and we will now be producing limited numbers of the brass version 1 GLUE LOOPER®.
Thank you to all of you who have made it a success!
Through research and development along with comments we received from customers, we have designed a new
GLUE LOOPER®  (referred to as version 2) .
THE GLUE LOOPER® v2  is an advance in precision fluid (glue) placement that exceeds the original (v1) by 75%.
(We had a group of top North American modelers 'test drive' our prototype for this version. The 75% precision accuracy increase is based on their comments received.)
This is the Glue Looper you asked us to make!