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Customer Comments and Reviews on THE GLUE LOOPER®

NEW!  THICK LOOPER®  Review by  Matt Bittner of  Internet Modeler!

NEW! GLUE LOOPER®  Review by Chuck Aleshire of AMPS!

"I picked up a set of your glue loopers at the Nationals in August and I just had to let you know it's become one of my favorite tools.
I've always struggled trying to be tidy with CA and since my trade is in aerospace my tendency is to be very heavy-handed with adhesive anyway.
Your glue looper has been a great help. Keep up the good work!"  -  Steven S  /  Fri, Nov 07, 2014

"I think your item is the coolest new invention for modeling I've seen in the past 100 years."  -  eeober  /  ebay sale 11/10/2013

"Received item Sat , tried it out works better than what was shown on video."  -  jerry12884 / ebay sale  9/30/2013

"I've had mine almost since it came out, just checked, it was June 17th and I use it every day, no issues at all (or I would not use it of course). For me, it's the best tool of 2013 for modeling. The glue goes where you want it to go…"  Marc L,  -  FaceBook post, 9/12/2013

"Been using my glue looper for a week now and absolutely love it. Such an amazing little tool."  -  Ian @ SMA, 7/25/2013

"My glue Looper arrived today, shipped Monday and arrived today in a small envelope , opening you find 2 pieces of cardboard protecting a plastic bag with a fret of glue Loopers 4 small, 4 medium , 4 large and a set of instructions. the Looper is .005 in or .10 mm thick. I tried a medium Looper with Weld-ON #3 a replacement for Tenax and it picked up a small drop right out of the bottle, tried 4 times and worked every time. now for the CA test: 1st try was thin, tested 4 times with the same results, now to thick again 4 tries and the same results with no clogging or dropping of the drop of glue. I can't wait to try on a model as I can see that control of glueing that small part. my only suggestion is to make a set of Loopers that are twice as long for those hard to reach gluing areas. I am glad I spent the money for this set as I see it as another good addition to the tool box. and I would highly recommend it if asked.  -  Jim"

"Received mine at around noon June 17th, and I'm extremely pleased with it. Using it with the Tamiya 74051 Fine Pin Vise S (0.1 - 1.0mm) and it does exactly what it is supposed to. Put CA glue in small dosage wherever you want it. My main problem/issues while building: TOO MUCH GLUE. I was using both a toothpick (the model with 2 pic) and a big needle with the loop cut but the C.A wasn't flowing like I really wanted it to or it wasn't exactly where I wanted it to be, so when I saw the vid at the tube, I told myself: Why not? I'm a fool for new invention and tool (no my name ain't Tim Taylor) and it's the best dollars invested this year for me..."

"I'd like to thank you, received mine last monday, it works perfectly, There's no Special FX in this video, what you see is what you get. I'm very happy. I had trouble with toothpick, there was either too much or not enough and I do hate to have glue all over the viewable parts of a model. It's an awesome invention. For those wondering, I use the Tamiya vise for my looper, per advice from Creative Dynamic LLC's owner."

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For those of you would like a hobby knife handle with your order we have them in stock! By popular request, the  green  GLUE LOOPER®   handle. Made in the USA. Soft green rubber handle with very easy to use tension clamp. Comes with a protective front cap. Priced at $6.00 free combined shipping with a v2 in the USA. (International shipping available for an additional dollar.)  NEW  Now with printed logo

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THE GLUE LOOPER®  is a Registered Trademark
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USA by a Professional Artist for Artists

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New - 1 ounce bottles!
By poplar request, we have super-sized our glue bottles!

Not all CA glues are created or perform the same…
Mercury M5T(Thin, for the v2)  provides the highest quality scientifically engineered adhesive solutions that are made in the USA. M5T works incredibly well in our  GLUE LOOPER®  v2  product. It has great work-time in the loop without drying, viscosity is very low and the flow is very high. Adhesion is unmatched. Also, Mercury has scientifically engineered their bottle nozzles and tops with a pin built right into the cap to prevent clogging.

M1100G works great with our  v3 THICK LOOPER™. M1100G is a THICK gap filling viscosity that bonds to a wide variety of materials including wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, etc. Bond times vary according to the substrates being bonded but are generally faster than normal super glues.

Fresh glue is highly recommended. For sale here with free combined shipping or sold with stand-alone shipping as well.  (USA sales only on glue, bottle size is 1oz priced at $5.00)